Easy Digital Downloads – Extra note(s) On Checkout

Easy Digital Downloads – Extra note(s) On Checkout

This WordPress plugin is Easy Digital Downloads add-on/extension, adds ‘Extra note(s)' textarea to the checkout screen for buyers to add notes about their order.

This plugin will…
– Adds ‘Extra note(s)' textarea to the checkout screen
– Adds {extra_note} email tag to show ‘Extra note(s)’ data in either the standard purchase receipt or admin notifications

This plugin doesn't have any settings/options. Just Install, Activate, and Boom!


  • 1. Upload the ‘edd-extra-notes-on-checkout’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  • 2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • 3. That’s it!


Any specific requirements for this plugin to work?
Easy Digital Downloads plugin should be installed and activated, for this plugin to work.

Is that it?
Pretty much, yeah


edd-extra-notes-on-checkout screenshot 1
Extra note(s) textarea on checkout screen

edd-extra-notes-on-checkout screenshot 2{extra_note} email tag

4 thoughts on “Easy Digital Downloads – Extra note(s) On Checkout”

  1. Hi,

    Could this information {extra_note} be included in the purchase notification a vendor receives following a purchase (created by the Commissions extension)?


  2. not working properly no notes are displayed on checkout with paypal, this was reported more then a year ago on the link you provided here above for support and you marked it resolved, but it isn’t also there is another plugin like this, that also suppose tyo show it on the service ordered, however has the same problem as this, not showing it after paypal checkout only on free service checkout, seems like is the same plugin more or less just rebuild and not fixed

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