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WordPress Support & Maintenance

wordpress maintenance support services • Freelance WordPress Developer and Speed Optimisation London • Dipak C. Gajjar

Fantastic WordPress support and ongoing maintenance services that will take care of your WordPress site so that you can focus more on your business.

$69.00 per month

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization Service by Dipak C. Gajjar

A slow website can frustrate your users, and result in lower sales. My WordPress Speed Optimisation Service boosts the site speed that enables you to provide (your site users) the very best possible user experience.

Starting from $219.00


Dipak was fast and increased my website speed just like he said he would. Am using again for other websites of mine.

Dipak is very knowledgeable about websites and making them run faster as a whole my website works so better. Read about him on his website. He knows his stuff. I am very pleased with his service. Worth every penny!

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