WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

WordPress Support and Maintenance

I offer fantastic WordPress support and hands-on maintenance services that will take care of your WordPress site so that you can focus more on your business.

❤️ Benefits:

⚙ WordPress Updates

I will personally update everything including WordPress core, plugins and themes for you on Bi-Weekly basis, so you can rest easy knowing that your site is operating exactly as it should be.

🔄 Offsite Backups

Website backups are important. But most backups happen on your own servers. If your server dies, your backups are gone. I ensure your website’s database, files, and images are stored offsite every day.

🛡 Security

Your website will be scanned daily for a malware, malicious code and a potential backdoors. If anything unordinary does happen, your site will be fixed and back to normal in no time.

⏰ Uptime Monitoring

In the world of on-demand, website downtime is not acceptable. I monitor your site’s uptime in real time to make sure your site is up and running all the times.

🛠 Minor Bug fixing

I will fix up-to 5 small issues per month (no rollover) without any additional cost. Many years of development experience allows me to troubleshoot and fix any issues (yes, any issues) very quickly.

Have you any questions or want to find out more? please feel free to contact me.

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