Fix – Quicksilver to Launch at Startup on Mac OSX

– What is Quicksilver?
Quicksilver, an alternative of Spotlight is a FREE launcher utility app for Mac OS X which gives you the ability to perform common, every-day tasks rapidly and without thought. You can visit Quicksilver’s official website at: to know more about this stunning app.

I am using very latest version of OSX Mountain Lion on my development machine and quickly noticed that the Start at Login function wasn’t working very well. After a bit of searching, I found the solution from Jon Stovell on the blacktree-quicksilver google group. It seems to affect OSX setups and in particular machines using Solid State Drives (SSDs) [in my case, I am using SSD].

A fix to launch Quicksilver at Startup on Mac OSX:

(1) Turn off the Start at login option in Quicksilver’s preferences.
(2) Paste the text below into a new plain text file in TextEdit.


(3) Save the file in ~/Library/LaunchAgents with a name like “QuicksilverStartAtLogin.plist”
(4) You’re Done! Quicksilver will now automatically launch at startup from your next login.

* If you want Quicksilver to restart automatically if it ever crashes, you can replace RunAtLoad with KeepAlive at line 11.

Hope this helps!