DAP Single Login (DigitalAccessPass add-on)

DAP Single Login is a premium WordPress plugin, helps you to restrict multiple DAP (DigitalAccessPass) user logins, using the same username and password. In other words, it restricts the number of simultaneous sessions that can exist for a single DAP user account.

WordPress users who use DigitalAccessPass as their membership plugin may need the ability to prevent a single user from authenticating and accessing their DAP protected contents from two or more different browser instances simultaneously. Since web sessions are connectionless, the session is not necessarily maintained between the browser and web server at all times. This makes it extremely difficult to determine when a session ends and thus to limit multiple simultaneous sessions by the same user. DAP Single Login meets this requirement.

Release date:February 21, 2015
Last updated:December 13, 2018
Current version:1.1
Product type:WordPress Plugin
File format:.zip
Requirements:WordPress 3.5+
Price:$19.99 – $99.99 USD

*This is a premium add-on/extension for DAP (DigitalAccessPass), and is not affiliated with DigitalAccessPass.com or any of their family of sites.

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